Dear colleagues,

more than thousand artists, galleries and art lovers contacted us last year. We registered over 70.000 page views on our website and were delighted to receive lots of friendly feedback. It has been frequently asked, why we do not have images on our website. The often missing copyright to the images is one of the main reasons. As you know, maintaining the website is a hobby of ours. An expansion of our website to include images would involve a large financial and time consuming effort. This was the reason for our worldwide questioner of 700 artists concerning the expansion of the website. 76% of the respondents were positiv. 89% of those who answered positivily could image a one- time differential rate to cover cost. The following suggestion is a result of this consequence (Premium): The basic information on this website is free for all artists and sculpture type:

Artist name       Sex (Male/Female)
Year of birth Country
Weblinks Literature or References


Of course you have the possibility to have additional information included

(one–time contribution):

Adding images (maximum 3 pictures)          20 €
Adding a biography 15 €
Adding contact information(email) 10 €
Adding a list of used materials 10 €

The onetime is for the lifetime of entry, Payment via PayPal or Bank transfer.

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If you are interested, please contact us by email ( and we would be happy to reply.

Yours truly  

Bernd-Otto und Gabi Trappe